How To Buy a Mini Excavator from China? The Definitive Guide 2022

Our daily life application of mini excavators is extensive, and there are many market choices, such as CaterpillarKomatsuXCMG,SNAY big brands. The quality of small excavators produced by these brands is good. But the price is relatively high. They are not the right choice for households or those who want to do wholesale and small excavators’retail business. Many people turn their attention to small excavators made in China.
After years of research and development and production, China’s small excavators’ technology has been very mature, the quality is very reliable, and the price is not high. It is the right choice. However, for most people, China is a faraway country. There is no way to go to China for a business trip, and we cannot conduct on-site factory inspections and business negotiations before purchasing. Especially during the period of COVID-19, this possibility is almost impossible.
So how can you buy a small excavator in China without on-site inspection? Apart from price, should other factors be considered?

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